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Pubg Mobile Is One Of Most Popular And Major Fighting Shooting Games Of The World And Day By Day It's Outfits And Skins Making It More Lovable This Is The The Game Player Unknowns Battle Grounds  EveryOne Liked To Play It On Mobile Until The Most Legend Hollywood Bollywood Actors Stars Wanted To Play It And Appeared In Some Online Streaming's Now We Are Talking About Pubg Mobile Season 13 Outfits Weapons Skins Maps All About Improvements In The Game Pubg Mobile Pakistan Notinyc Pakistan A Website Is Updating You: Notinyc Pakistan Pubg Mobile Pakistan Notinyc.

Pubg Mobile Season 13 RP Rewards - Pubg Mobile Pakistan

The current season, that is, season 12 brought the “Together We Play” theme Royal Pass and rewards. And with the upcoming season 13, again, we will be getting a new theme in PUBG Mobile.Well, the name of the theme is still unknown to us. But, it will be a toy-based theme, take a look at the key at the bottom right of the logo.Again, we are not sure, but we will keep you updated. 

Pubg Mobile Pakistan By Notinyc Update - Pubg Mobile Season 12 Kicked Out

Season 12 of PUBG Mobile kick-started recently. A new PUBG Mobile update brought the new season with a lot of in-game features and content. Season 12 Battle Pass brought new themed weapon skins, outfits, vehicle skins, and a lot more. Well, season 12 might have brought a long list of new content, but as always, PUBG fans are craving for more.

What Are The New Things In Pubg Mobile Season 13

Pubg Leaks, Pubg Mobile Season 13 Leaks, Pubg Mobile Notinyc Pakistan Season 13 Outfits Weapons Skins Leaks

There Is A Video Available On YouTube A Gamer ( Mr. ghost Gaming ) Has Leaked Outfits Weapons Skins Of Pubg Mobile Season 13 Notinyc Pakistan Pubg.
We are still about three weeks away for the ongoing PUBG Mobile season to finish. However, details of season 13 are already out in the open. If the information shared by reliable YouTuber Mr Ghost Gaming is true, then we can expect the next season to have a new theme inspired by toys. 

According to a video shared by the YouTuber, the next season will be titled ‘Toys Playground’ and will have most of the skins and clothing inspired by your childhood memories. Expect a lot of colourful stuff happening all around and by the looks of the video, there will be some Power Rangers inspired sets and some of them look a lot like Gundam robotsThe video confirms a new colourful gun skin for the Vector which seems to take inspiration from Lego.

 A similar skin can be seen for the P92 pistol. The 100 RP (Royale Pass) reward will be a complete set as it is with all seasons. This time there will be a choice between two sets, the Lava Superman or the Flash Superman. As I mentioned earlier, these sets look a lot like they have been inspired from Power Rangers.There’s also something called the ‘Tribal Treasure’ which includes a cool looking outfit with a Ram skull as a headgear. There are also some other items like a leather set with some padding, a unique headgear, a parachute n, an AUG skin and more.

Here Is The Video Watch Video To See Leaked Outfits In Pubg Mobile Season 13 - Notinyc Pakistan

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