How To Enable Voice Typing On WhatsApp?

How to write WhatsApp message without typing

WHATSAPP has introduced a way to send text messages without having to physically type them out.

The new feature is called Dictation, and lets you speak messages into your mobile's microphone – then ranslates it into text.

WhatsApp Speak And Type Feature

It's not always convenient to physically type out messages.

In fact, it can often be slower if you're trying to tell someone a lot of information very quickly

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WhatsApp Dictation

The Dictation feature was added in the latest WhatsApp update, and is available on both iPhone and Android.

First, go into the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and make sure you've got the latest version of WhatsApp installed.

WhatsApp Voice Typing Settings

Then follow these steps: 

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Open a chat with the contact you want to speak to
  • Open up the chat keyboard, where you'd normally type messages 
  • Look for a microphone icon (not the one next to the chat bar): on Android, it's black and in the top right, and on iPhone it's in the very bottom right of the screen.
If you want a comma and question mark, simply say "comma" or "question mark" out loud. It's the same story for adding "full stop". 

Once you've finished your message, check it over and then hit send. 

When you're speaking into the microphone, remember to talk clearly and enunciate words – as turning speech into text is very tricky for apps.

Here Is More Major Idea To Speak With Gboard And Type All You Spoke  WhatsApp Speak Typing

With The Gboard Is Very Easy Typing With Only Talking To Google Translate And It Will Write All The Message You Talked To Gboard.

Gboard Also Detects Your Language And Types In Your Own Languages.

How To Add Languages In Gboard

  • Simply Open Your Gboard And Go To Settings
  • Languages Feature Will Appear At First
  • Add Your Language In Different Various
  • Like Hindi, Hindi-Eng ( Urdu, Urdu - Eng Etc.
Now You Are All Set With Google Gboard How To Speak And It Will Type Anywhere You Wanna Type Not Only WhatsApp.

You Will See The Microphone Icon In The Top Bar Of Gboard When Start Typing

Whatsapp Speak Typing, Whatsapp message without typing

When You Press This Microphone Button Speak Now Will Start You Have To Speak All That Time.

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